C/Col Bradley S. Pittman RIKKI TIKKI TAVI Award

This award is presented to FL-821 cadets who are considered to be “All In” - those cadets who have demonstrated sustained superior performance by earning over 6,000 points throughout their JROTC career.  CADET  COLONEL  BRADLEY  S.  PITTMAN, Group Commander of the Class of 2012, set the standard for future commanders.  C/Col Pittman was always a step ahead and prepared for every activity without any push.  He ensured FL-821 was prepared and set up for success.  

Vishnu Suresh continued the legacy and was, by far, more involved at Buchholz High School and in the community of Gainesville, Florida than any other cadet.  Vishnu earned 7,400 “B” points and through 2015, held the record for the most points earned by an FL-821 AFJROTC Cadet by 1000 points.  C/Col Pittman gave Vishnu Suresh the douffer name “Rikki Tikki Tavi”.  This award is named in honor of both of these outstanding cadets.

Sustained Superior Performance Will Always Be Remembered!

As a military tradition, a US Flag is folded in honor of fallen warriors or to recognize an ending of a career (retirement).  In like manner, the FL-821 Color Guard will hoist, fly, lower and fold the US Flag on the last official school day during the month of April each year to honor senior cadets that have earned 6,000 “B” points during their high school AFJROTC career.


Class of 2013

Marco “Fabio” Corda

Class of 2013

James “Snippy” Hamm

Class of 2013

Zachary “Sonic” Hodges

Class of 2012

“Rikki Tikki Tavi”

Vishnu Suresh

                Remembered, Respected and Honored

Class of 2016

Adam “Stain” Painter

Class of 2016

Nicholas “Chainz” Hodges

Class of 2016

Richard “Tenor” Townsend

Class of 2016

Elijah “Blues Clues”