Aerospace Science Courses Would You Like More Info?   If you would like to find out more about the program or our unit, feel free to contact our SASI or ASI.      Students enrolled in JROTC are also eligible for a P.E. Credit.

Please reference the syllabus for more information.


(Offered 9, 10, 11, 12.  One year. Prerequisite: None)

Study includes historical development of flight and role of military from ancient legends to space shuttle. Role of military throughout history of U.S. is identified.  Final portion of course discusses makeup of aerospace community and U.S. Air Force.  Leadership component includes study habits and time management, care of uniform, and U.S. Air Force customs and courtesies. Basic drill skills are introduced.


(Offered 10, 11, 12.  One year. Prerequisite: Aerospace Science I)

Study begins with aerospace environment, which includes the atmosphere and weather, followed by studying physiological limitations of human flight and concluding with discussions of scientific principles of power and flight and learning basic flight navigation skills.  Leadership component stresses communications skills and cadet corps activities, to include holding positions of greater responsibility within cadet corps, writing reports, and making oral presentations.


(Offered 10, 11, 12.  One year. Prerequisite: Aerospace Science I, II or concurrent with II)

Discusses basic principles of astronomy and space, fundamentals of rocketry and its application to spacecraft, principles underlying space travel, and various aspects of space exploration.  Leadership component continues emphasis on written and oral communication skills.  Basic management skills, leadership skills, and citizenship are introduced.  Third year cadets put these skills into practice by holding key leadership positions in cadet corps.


(Offered 11, 12. One year.  Prerequisite: Cadet must be qualified to hold a cadet staff position as determined by the SASI & ASI.)

Basically a civics course.  Subjects discussed include civil aviation's primary features and its impact on our society, careers available in the civil and military aerospace communities, and descriptions and uses of modern aerospace vehicles from crop dusters to spaceships. Leadership component focuses on fine tuning and developing communications skills.  Top level cadet corp jobs provide a laboratory to experiment with newly learned leadership and management skills.  Students will be placed in AS I/ AS II classes to train/lead first and second year students.